Who Can Benefit?


The answer is everyone!  Massage is no longer only available to what you might consider the elite or wealthy.  The demands placed on us these days by family, job and society has never been more stressful or challenged us more physically and requires a regiment to life that goes against the natural aspects and needs of our bodies to provide for us.  Our hectic lifestyles hamper our bodies to keep up with what it normally found easy to provide. 


Through therapeutic massage therapy, you will find that your body and mind can become more energized and better able to maintain the pace of demands placed on it.  Do you feel stress and knots in your neck and shoulders?  Then you can be assured there are more points needing my services than you are aware.  Have you experienced an injury to areas such as your muscles or tendons, etc.?  Then ask your medical doctor about the benefits of therapeutic massage to promote healing. 


If you are trying to function in this life and attempting to meet all of the demands provided, then you can benefit by an enjoyable and pleasant massage.  The proof is in the experience.  Call for an appointment today.


Patricia Standfield, LMT